Intermediary Channel Consulting

Z to A Ventures is a leading, independent provider of strategic advisory and consulting services for investment managers looking to enter or rapidly expand their presence in the intermediary distribution channel.  Because we have no affiliations with service providers, be it a fund platform or series trust, third party marketer, outsourced fund services provider, accounting firm or law firm, we can offer truly independent advice to all managers seeking to enter the intermediary distribution channel.

Z to A Ventures believes that the migration of institutional alternative investment strategies into retail markets will continue at an increasing pace over the next three to five years.  As this trend continues and picks up pace, Z to A Ventures is uniquely positioned to provide strategic advisory and consulting services to private fund managers positioning to take advantage of this evolving landscape.



The first step in any engagement for intermediary channel consulting services is our assessment of the viability of launching a client's new investment vehicle or investment strategy.  This process typically includes:

  • An onsite visit to obtain an in depth review of the firm and its existing investment strategies and investment vehicles
  • A review of the firm's existing pitch books and marketing materials
  • A targeted review of existing and, depending on the scope of services, pending products in the intermediary channel to assess the competitive landscape
  • Discussions with select stakeholders in the intermediary channel to make an initial assessment of market receptivity


Once we complete our viability assessment and determine that our client's objectives are achievable, we work with our client to devise a strategy to reach those objectives.  Depending on our client's needs, this may take the form of a business or strategic plan or high-level strategic recommendations.  We then meet with the client to fine tune our plan so that it can be translated into detailed policies that can be implemented at the functional level of the client's organization.  At this stage, we will also seek to identify the required resources and necessary organizational changes needed to effectively implement our client's strategy.


As a client implements its strategy, we offer a range of flexible services ranging from periodic consulting to full-time, onsite support.  We also develop implementation plans that can be used to monitor the implementation process and ensure that appropriate action is taken to ensure success.

Ongoing Support

After the end of our engagement, many of our consulting clients extend our relationship to include ongoing support.  Because our goal is to have a long-term relationship with all of our clients, we offer flexible arrangements for such services depending on the level of support needed.