At the outset of our engagement, we conduct an onsite visit with your team as part of an in-depth review of your firm, your existing products and, if applicable, your new product initiative.  This process will typically include the following:

  • Meetings with senior management and the portfolio/product management team(s)
  • A targeted review of existing and, depending on the scope of services, pending products in your industry to assess the competitive landscape
  • Discussions with select stakeholders in your firm's industry to make an initial assessment of market receptivity

Strategic Planning

Unlike traditional strategic planning processes that use a formalized top-down approach, we utilize a process that includes a blend of top-down, bottom-up and scenario planning approaches to inform our planning process in a way that is best suited to helping you meet your goals. 

Business Plan Development

Once the strategic planning process is complete, a business plan needs to be developed to effectively translate the high-level concepts and priorities into a more detailed plan for implementation at the functional level of your organization.  This process can also serve to highlight any practical issues that might not have been visible during the strategic planning process.  Depending on what your organization does and how it is organized, the business plan will translate the strategy into specific policies for functional areas including:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Operations
  • Research and development
  • Compliance

In addition to developing functional policies, the business plan will also identify the required resources necessary for implementation of the strategy - including resource gaps - and recommend necessary organizational changes.


Once a business plan is developed, we offer ongoing services to help your organization execute the plan as effectively as possible.  To that end, we offer a range of flexible services ranging from periodic consulting to full-time, onsite support.  We also develop implementation plans that can be used to monitor the implementation process and ensure that appropriate action is taken to ensure success.

Ongoing Support

After the end of our engagement, many of our consulting clients extend our relationship to include ongoing support for their product initiatives.  Because our goal is to have a long-term relationship with all of our clients, we offer flexible arrangements for such services depending on the level of support needed.